frequently asked questions


How does the trash cart cleaning service work?

Tri-Angle Eco Wash cleanings are once each month on your regularly scheduled trash collection day.  Just leave trash/recycle bins curbside after trash collection we will clean, deodorize and sanitize your carts right at your curb.

Do I have to pre-pay for the entire year?

You are billed on an annual basis. 

If I sign up, when will you clean my trash bins?

We will provide a courtesy reminder call or email the day before your scheduled service.  If you cannot wait until the next scheduled route for your neighborhood, call or email us and we will provide a quote.

Do I have to sign up all of my trash carts?

No. You can sign up one or as many as you like. 

Do you provide a one-time trash cart cleaning service?

Yes. The cost is slightly higher because trash bins, which are not being cleaned regularly take much longer to clean.   However, there is no guarantee all grime and buildup will be removed with a one-time cleaning.  For this reason we do offer a monthly payment option exclusively to one-time customers. 

Can I alternate or rotate carts each cleaning cycle?

No, each container has its own identification and only trash carts that have a scheduled service will be cleaned.  Annual payment customers can add the occasional bin for $10 by notifying us prior to the service date.

What happens if I move out of the Tri-Angle Eco Wash cleaning service area?

If you relocate to a neighborhood that is not in our service area, you may gift the remaining service to anyone within our service area or request a refund for the remaining service minus a $25.00 cancellation fee.  If you are anticipating moving out of our service area, please give us a call to discuss the possibility of a monthly payment option.

What if my HOA will not allow my bins out past a certain time on trash collection day? 

There are two possible solutions to this problem:

You can leave your trash carts up by the garage, the side of the house, or anywhere where we can reasonably have access to them without needing to walk inside an enclosure. We will return them to that same spot when finished.


In addition, you can give us the contact information to the HOA Board and/or Manager and we will discuss the situation to see if we might be able to come up with a solution that can make allowance for a possible exception.  Many HOA’s work with us once they understand the health and aesthetic benefits to the community. We have negotiated with HOAs to serve their entire community at discounted rates.

What if my trash carts have trash in them the day of scheduled cleaning?

Trash carts should be empty. Our technician will remove 1 to 2 bags of trash, clean your trash carts, and then place the bags back inside. We reserve the right not to provide service if there is:

  • Un-bagged trash – including excessive loose trash, yard clippings, diapers or animal waste.
  • Hazardous waste – including chemicals, paint, glue, or other adhesives.
  • Building materials – including plaster, stucco, or concrete.

If there are more than two bags of trash, excessive loose trash, hazardous waste or building materials, please notify us prior to 8 a.m. and we will skip cleaning that day and credit your account.  However, we cannot credit your account if you do not notify us before 8:00 a.m. As part of our quality program, if the technician cannot service a trash bin for any reason, we will take pictures showing why the trash bin was not cleaned and leave you a notice indicating the reason.

What if I am away and cannot have my empty trash carts available to you on my service day?

​Simply call or email in advance and we will credit you for that month and see you the following month. Unfortunately, if you do not notify us and we go to provide service, your account can not be credited.

What if I forget when my scheduled cleaning day is or lose my cleaning schedule? 

No problem, if you email us at we will send out a new schedule. It is your responsibility to have your trash bins out for cleaning. We do provide a service reminder the day before as a courtesy. It is an automated system with no guarantees. Just notify us if you are not receiving a reminder or would like to change / add a phone or email notification. Since the reminder is a courtesy, it is your responsibility to have trash carts available for cleaning. If we attempt to provide service and trash bins are not available, your account cannot be credited.

What if your truck does not show up on my scheduled cleaning day? 

​If this happens, you will be notified and provided a credit for that month. Additionally, reschedule for another day. 

How will I know when my trash carts have been cleaned and it is OK to bring them inside?  

You will see our “Cleaned, Sanitized & Deodorized” sticker or flier on the handle of your serviced trash cart.

​If my trash carts are not available for servicing, can I expect the driver to knock on my door?

It is your responsibility to have your trash bins available for servicing.  Please do not rely on the driver to knock on your door.