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Why Tri-Angle Eco Wash?

Tri-Angle Eco Wash is a  trash/recycle cart and dumpster cleaning and sanitation service. We use a custom designed eco-friendly cleaning truck to sanitize and deodorize while removing  grease and grime from your trash/recycle carts and dumpsters. With cleaning services like ours, you don't have to touch harmful bacteria again.

Our self-contained cleaning system sanitize and deodorize your trash, recycle bin or dumpster right at your home or business on the same day of your scheduled trash collection. Be comforted that all wastewater remains inside the cleaning system where it is properly and safely disposed at approved water waste treatment facilities. After the cleaning process is completed, bins are returned curbside where our technician performs a final inspection protocol. 

The beauty of Tri-Angle Eco Wash’s business model is our ability to service any resident or business.  We recognize that every business will dispose various forms of trash.  Whether it’s a Restaurant, Warehouse, Office Building, Clothing Store etc…Tri-Angle Eco Wash’s goal is to support residents and all businesses in maintaining dumpsters regardless of the industry. 

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